Dave Portnoy Bets $200K on the Phillies & Did DraftKings Help Spanky?

If you told me Dave Portnoy would go on a run of winning MULTIPLE million-dollar bets, I would be hard-pressed to believe you.

El Pres has done exactly that over the past 6 months cashing massive profits on the Celtics, Chiefs, Scottie Scheffler, UConn hoops and Michigan winning national titles.

In his latest big wager, Portnoy is backing the Philadelphia Phillies to win the 2024 World Series at 6/1 odds. The $200K wager will payout $1.4M in October if the Phils finish the job.

This recent winning trend for Dave is quite the 180-degree turn from a decade of losing. Portnoy would ban himself from betting at times in the past due to some egregious public losses. To be fair, he took the heat and now gets to gloat at the massive profits publicly.

Let’s see how long he can keep the good times rolling.

DraftKings Law Suit Alleges Support of A Mob Associate

In a recent lawsuit filed in New York, an anonymous individual, referred to as John Doe, claims that he was violently confronted by a masked assailant. According to the suit, the masked man spun him around and threatened to kill him unless he paid $500,000 to renowned sports bettor Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos. The complaint suggests that both Spanky and the masked man had accomplices.

Further allegations in the lawsuit claim that DraftKings knowingly shared the plaintiff’s address and sensitive personal information, including his financial and betting histories. This disclosure allegedly incited Spanky to act against the plaintiff.

John Doe’s suit also accuses the higher-ups at DraftKings of collaborating with Spanky to harass and endanger him, asserting that the company systematically concealed its misconduct. In his account, John Doe describes how Spanky’s “henchman” waited outside his apartment for over three hours, eventually issuing a deadly threat if the demanded sum wasn’t paid. The lawsuit alleges that DraftKings facilitated this by working with Spanky to send the masked man.

DraftKings, in their court documents, refute these claims, arguing that the plaintiff fails to establish a basis for accusations of aiding and abetting assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence. They describe the allegations as implausible and baseless, denying any involvement in the supposed death threat or the leaking of John Doe’s personal information.

Key dates in the ongoing DraftKings v. John Doe case include:

  • DraftKings’ motion to dismiss due by June 28
  • Plaintiff’s opposition to this motion due by July 29
  • DraftKings’ reply to the opposition due by August 8

Next.io broke this story earlier today.


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