Charley Hull

Charley Hull’s Popularity Explodes, Now Viewed As The “John Daly” of LPGA

Who knew smoking a cigarette today could lead such a viral explosion in popularity for LPGA golfer Charley Hull.

To be clear, Charley Hull is not some weak player on tour, she is ranked in the top 10!

And of course, Charley is a complete smokeshow. A quick visit to her Instagram and you will see this not a shy girl. I am shocked it took her smoking darts on the course to grab the attention of the 18-35-year-old male demo.

Charley is hitting her prime in looks and career at 28 years old. If you are thinking about attending an LPGA event and shooting your shot, you may want to think twice based on a recent attempt at the US Open:

Let’s be clear, smoking speaks to a girl who does not play by the rules, thus attracting all the attention. If she does not like rules, then she must be into some crazy stuff….and so on, as every guy drools.

Ultimately, the LPGA should be ecstatic about the emergence of Charley. I was actively looking for the tournament over the weekend just get a glimpse. Assuming the role of a badass like John Daly will do wonders for her career. More endorsements, bigger crowds, and most likely less pressure to win. People want to see and have fun with John Daly if he plays well, it is a bonus.